id - ingenieurtechnik & dokumentation

Dipl.Ing. Norfried Edler

Norfried Edler
* 1957-12-08 in Kiel / Germany
married since 1982
two children (*1982 & 1986)


- Dipl.Ing. Feinwerktechnik (Mechatronics) (1985)
- Technical Author (1998)

Business carrier

- Mechanical designer and project leader at company Honeywell ELAC Nautik Gmbh, Kiel
- Nautical units as hydro acoustical transducers, sonar systems (mobile sonar detection diver units)
- Development of electromechanical and electronic units as well as miniaturized gas detectors
- Implementation, usage and operator support for a 3D-CAD-system 1990
- Project leader Mechanical Design, Project Pre-design and Customer Support at company Hagenuk, later refirmed to Hagenuk Faiveley GmbH, Kiel-Germany
- Project Pre-Design and Development of HVAC-systems and units for railway vehicles worldwide, main emphasis Scandinavia
- Creating and editing Technical Documentation for HVAC-systems
- Assistance on Type Testing and Acceptance Tests at end customer's sites
- Customer Support
- self-financed education to Technical Author at Axel Anderson Akademie in Hamburg

since 01.01.1998
Business start as freelancer in own engineering office:
- Technical Documentation
- Development and Mechanical Design
- Project lead and Support
- Education and Training, Service and Commissioning of HVAC-systems for railway vehicles
- Measurement Technique
- Technical Consultancy
- Technical engineering services

- Design and construction of a handheld teaching unit (vocabulary trainer)
- Foundation of the Crammy GbR to develop a prototype of handheld teaching unit

from 1999 until 2000
- Business partner of Crammy GmbH (Development and Purchase of a handheld teaching unit)

since 1998
Technical Documentation on HVAC-systems and units for railway vehicles
- System Descriptions and Operation Manuals
- Service- and Maintenance Manuals
- Faultfinding and Repair Desciptions
- Spare parts Catalogues
Technical Documentation on Communication and Detection Systems of Submarines
- System Descriptions and Operational Manuals
- Service- and Maintenance Manuals
Technical Consulting for Bombardier Transportation (former ADtranz) in Sweden and others
- Consulting and Development-Support for HVAC-equipment of various railway projects
- HVAC-Measurement Technique of various requirements (temperature distribution; noise levels; air velocities and draughts, air volumes; air distribution; Dimensioning and Testing/Adjustment of mechanical, electrical and control equipment and installations)
- k-value-Measurements
Training and Education, Service, Measurements and Commissioning of HVACsystems for railway vehicles
- Interregional train IR4, Denmark
- Pendolino Sm200, Finland
- Airport Shuttle Oslo-Gardermoen FPT, Norway
- Variotram Helsinki, Finland
- Expresszug Signatur (XT), Norway
- Regional train NSB-DMU Talent, Norway
- Intercity train IC73B, Norway
- Oresund train OTU, Denmark/Sweden
- Regional train REGINA, Sweden
- Metro Bucharest BM2, Romania
- Metro Stockholm C20, Sweden
- High Grade Sleeper Car, China
- High Grade Coach Car, China
- new Metro Stockholm C21, Sweden
- Metro Oslo, Norway
- High Grade Dining Car, China
Support for the HVAC Centre of Competence (CoC HVAC) of Bombardier Transportation
- AGC-Train, France
- Standardization Process of Bombardier Transportation
- Il-de-France-Train IDF, France
- RTG-Refurbishment Project, France
- HGC-Project (High Grade Coach and Sleeper Car), China

Workshop, Laboratory and Office at Tiessenkai 12 direct at the "Kieler Förde"
- Development of a functional principle for smoke exhaust systems (prototype built (Mockup 2004) and announcement for patent)
- Development of active temperature sensors for HVAC-systems
- Official representative and reseller of the Swedish company intab for whole German speaking areas to support and purchase of PC-Dataloggers, software and accessories
- Prototype-production, tests and optimization of air duct systems, units and components for HVAC-systems

since end of 2004
- Official reseller and represantative for dataloggers, software and accessories of the company ACR (Canada) for the North-German area
- Translation into german language and release of the data-logging and -analyzing Software EasyView Pro 5.6 as well as operator's manual for the company intab in Sweden

- Development, Design, Tests and Typetests of the new Qinghai-Tibet-Train to Lhasa under contract of the local car builder BSP Ltd. in Qingdao/China (joint venture)

- Conceptual Development, Design and Support for Class5-NSB train project, contracted by BT Norway

- Whole systems responsible for project CRH2-796 & 797 project (High Speed Coaches and Sleeper Cars 250km/h) on site BST/Qingdao-China (former company BSP) under contract of BT Sweden, including integration, testing, project organization and team communication between BST&BT-employees

2009-2012 - Whole systems responsible for project 798 Zefiro China (Very High Speed Train 380km/h), supporting development and design of concept by BT in Hennigsdorf/Germany, especially responsible for concept handover to BST-Qingdao/China, follow-up and tracking of open items (technical, structural calculations, customer documentation etc.), ongoing support until end of project including integration and testing, project organization and team communication between BST&BT-employees
- Support for project ICx (new generation of ICE high speed trains in Germany, consortium Siemens&Bombardier), contracted by BT Germany

since 2012
- HVAC-system responsible for Bistro refurbishment project RB7 for SJ, contracted by MotalaTrain, Motala-Sweden
- general project support for MotalaTrain and external 3D-design company Prodelox in Linköping
- mechanical design of HVAC air duct system for the whole bistro car
- HVAC system type test on car level (scheduled for May 2013)

since 2013
- 3D- Design and Rapid Prototyping

- Engineering and testing support for several railway projects in Germany for Bombardier Transportation Germany
- Project Optimization Support for Skoda Transportation Pilsen (Czech Republic) on double decker project NIM Express (DB Germany)
- Project lead Technical Documentation NIM Express double deckers (DB Germany) for Skoda Transportation Pilsen (Czech Republic)
- Engineering support for Metro C651 refurbishment project in Singapore (located there), responsible for VAC and gangway, closely coordinating with production site and suppliers, testing on site

- Technical Documentation (Maintenance Manuals) for HVAC-systems of tram and metro projects Germany
- Engineering support for Prose Sweden regarding two refurbishment projects
- Testing on HVAC-system upgrade to CO2-level controlled for fresh air intake to reduce energy consumption in UK (long distance passenger trains)
- Engineering support for TechMahindra / India on several projects / bids
- Translation of technical documents (DE => EN)
- System Acceptance Tests Air Conditioning System of Metro Singapore C651-Refurbishment project for Faiveley Transport Leipzig on depot site in Singapore
- Mockup-Tests of duct system for doubledeck trainsets NIF Sydney
- Technical Documentation for HVAC-system of doubledeck trainsets NIF Sydney